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October 20, 2017
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It's all about rocking that aisle on your big day. You want to have your groom's eyes on you and you alone. He should be thinking, "Vavavoom, that's my wife to be". He should have a smile on his face and tears in his eyes. That's what most brides wish for when they pick that dress. Therefore, it's not an easy task - picking the perfect dress.

How to Dress to Impress

Judge me not! When it comes to your wedding dress you shouldn't care about what the majority thinks but what you and your husband-to-be think. True, the new age women would counteract this and say, "Damn his opinion, it's my wedding." True that, but it's also his money in most cases and it's him you want tearing up after all. So, own up and admit that you do need to dress to impress both you and your husband to be.

Dream it, Unleash it

Stop being the obstacle to your own dream being unleashed. The dress you've imagined yourself wearing all these years before you got the ring is not so hard to accomplish. It's amazing the numbers of extraordinary fashion designers we have here in Nigeria. Take for instance, Mai Atafo. He has made a name for himself in the industry as a fashion guru. According to his ex-schoolmate, who insisted on remaining anonymous, he has always been like that. Recently, he launched the #followmaiheart campaign and went ahead to reveal his new bridal collection that is as extraordinary as extraordinary goes.

So, while you've had the dream of the wedding dress play out in your mind, take the initiative to unleash your desire and bring that dream to life. That's the word right there, "taking the initiative".

GPS (Get the Perfect Stylist)

You can play on the web all day and order what resembles what you think you want or you can search for the perfect stylist that will be able to understand your wish. There's nothing more relieving than knowing your stylist understands what you want well enough to creative it the way you want it. It's hard making the right choice but it's always worth it at last.

Steal the Aisle in Style

Having gotten your stylist and your dress made the way you want it, look forward to the big day. Walking that aisle is no child's play. You need to be able to walk in that dress, wearing that heels. Some brides usually opt for flat shoes but most brides prefer heels. There's something an extra height does to a woman's stride but if you don't fancy it, don't let your wedding day be your practice ground. You might end up flat on your face and that's all people will be talking about - not your jaw-dropping dress.

Therefore, learn how to walk in your dress for as long as you want so you can boost your confidence.

End it with a Smile

Dressed in Mai Atafo's new bridal collection was an amazing experience. I was sent it in by my agency, PagesModels and was ready to be a mannequin for the day. However, wearing that beautiful petal dress had be gushing at myself. I can already imagine what my wedding day would feel like. I couldn't help but smile at myself in the mirror. If your dress doesn't make you smile then it's not worth your time.

Shout-out to every bride-to-be, and I hope with these points of mine I have been able to 'convince you and not confuse you' that the little voice telling you to #followmaiheart is not wrong after all.

“Decisions made with the heart are made out of love and love is the one thing that drives everything in life, this collection is an ode to brides and an inspiration to others because I always #FollowMAIHeart” – Mai Atafo.


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