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June 29, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Read this little piece about a cranky nanny we all have encountered one way or the other.

Hi Guys! I’m sharing this little sumn sumn I wrote for a sister and friend (she’s actually my sister’s friend but well, you get the gist). Miss Tobi Igbenogba is a Nigerian actress that keeps coming up with new ways to make me feel encouraged as a model – she’s awesome! I’m doing a story on her soon so ‘watch out’. In the meantime, read this little piece about a cranky nanny we all have encountered one way or the other.


Don’t make a sound. If a pin drops I would like to hear it.

I said Sshhh,

You better don’t cry. Let my ears enjoy the peace of silence you little ingrates. You don’t even appreciate the sacrifices I’ve made.


You stupid child. Make sure your parents never find out….

(Silence) (Stares at the camera) (Smiles) Hi, I’m Nanny Mabel

I get paid to leave my kids to care for these…these nonentities. I don’t care if they are young and naïve, being a baby is no excuse. They cry and whine all day long, making me miss my kids even more. Then at the end of the day I get a measly pay from parents who claim to have had a stressful day.

What about me! (Hits her chest)

My day is filled with the sound of tears from their silly little children – but no one cares. My back hurts from carrying a weight that seems smaller than mine but a burden nonetheless. My knees are scraped up from scrubbing at their repulsive vomit.


I made up my mind to suffer for another man’s child. Being a glorified nanny was my goal but I seem to have lost it somewhere in the midst of the twins clothes in the closet.

Don’t ask me what I’m saying when you already know (Laughs Crazily)

Today I’ll smile as their parents go off to work, tomorrow I’ll cry as my kids watch me go off to jail” (Gets up and leaves).

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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