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October 20, 2017
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November 6, 2017

It has become so easy to just up and quit when the going gets tough. The question is, what happens after that? Giving up is a huge decision on its own and not many are aware of this. For instance, an up and about man with a great job and a working routine gets in a tight corner suddenly. He isn’t used to such circumstance and has no clue on how to maneuver his way out of it. If he sits down for just a minute and weighs his options he would probably come up with a solution. However, as the case may be, our case study chooses the lazy man’s way, ‘to give up’.

Dropping everything and resolving to do nothing seems like the likely choice in some situations. Getting yourself to take a long and infinite break seems like the best thing to do. Unfortunately, you’re still working yourself up in another self-made tight corner without realizing it.

How to resolve problems easily

This step may not work for you but it is helpful nonetheless. Your problem may seem too big to resolve but there is absolutely nothing new under the sun.

Define the problem

Sit yourself down in a quiet place. This can be in the restroom, a quiet restaurant, or even your closet. Get a note pad and a pen if you’re new to meditating. However, meditating is the best measure to take when trying to get your thought straightened out. You’re probably at the point of screaming, weeping and probably tearing your hair out. I implore you to STOP whatever it is your heart is telling you to do and simply define your problem. Write down everything that’s troubling you.

Classify the problem

The best classes are; urgent and mild. If most of the problems fall under the mild category then you’ll get back to it but if the former is the former is the case then you need to address it.

How great would your life be if someone could simply just take that list and solve everything for you? Words can’t probably describe the feeling.

Note: Here is the point where this gets really interesting. You have almost solved the problem and I hope you have followed every step to the last full-stop.

How soon must the problem be resolved? What would happen to you if it isn’t resolved? Will the problems jump from the paper and attack you? Can the problem walk up to you and kill you if you don’t kill yourself first with worry?

Attack yourself

Why worry when you can simply choose to be happy? Think back to 5 years ago and ask yourself if you were problem free. Probably not. You didn’t die, did you? You still resolved them and are still alive today to tell the story.

Your break is almost up, so take a deep breath, in and out. Squeeze your paper of worry with so much rigor. Get up your arse and remind yourself that, your worry could be the end of you before your problem is.

What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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