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January 2, 2018
Why Beaches are the Best Things Since Rain
January 11, 2018
Here in Nigeria, most Saturdays are spent at Owambes or at any other event where Smallchops is the order of the day. Against what many may think, I don't really have a spontaneous lifestyle and my version of fun is just as dull as the next introvert's. Not limited to these are my Saturday options - I either go to the movies or have a date with myself in my bedroom (nothing weird about that). That's why I decided to spice things up a bit - all thanks to my best friend and twin sis, Ms Inemesit Okwok. She informed be about a certain training that was going to take place on the 6th of January, 2018. P.S It still feels weird writing "2018". Kinda getting used to this whole new year thing. The training is titled GoalDiggers with DANIEL OTABOR. Henceforth, I'll share with you some few tips I've picked up from the session. I won't share everything so you'd be curious enough to get yourself into the next session - you can't get knowledge like this for free love. The session began with an icebreaker. We had to introduce ourselves and state one of the funniest moments of our lives. This session became funny by the second because we had to recall the names of everyone that had spoken before us. By the end of the process, we had ghost attendees by reason of "I can't remember your name so I'll call you Ronke or Tunji". If you get the joke then please join me in a hiccuped laugh. If you don't then pretend what I just wrote is funny *wink* *wink*

Who Is Daniel Otabor?

Daniel Otabor is a Business Facilitator and Proactive Professional who has been consistently praised by co-workers and team members he has worked with.

Verbal Testimonials

Karen, a Chef in training who met Daniel in camp says "everyone should have a Daniel in their life". Bankole, a fashion designer says "if he hadn't met Daniel December 12, he wouldn't have been able to define his life the way he has so far". Oluwatosin met Daniel on Instagram in 2017 and says, " he has been a mentor and friend ever since I met him." Ayo says, "his life has transitioned ever since he met Daniel. Now I have 'sense'."
A lot of people have a lot of good things to say about the speaker and it's all an outcome of both personal and impersonal encounters with him. What will yours be?
"Be deliberate about how you live your life" _ Daniel Otabor
Daniel Otabor has trained Organizations and Business Leaders on subjects that he has developed keen interest in.Overall, he demonstrates leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills in every aspect of his career. He is a mentor and coach to many young Nigerians. According to him, "my easygoing yet firm and result-oriented mentor ship style has produced several young Entrepreneurs and passionate Nation Builders."

Welcome To The #GoalDiggers Session

After Ayo led the dance session - yes, we danced and screamed at the top of our lungs - I got a confirmation that life indeed is not that serious. We should have goals but shouldn't forget to live while we're at it. Beginning the session with curiosity and an eagerness to learn, I ended it with my 5 major values and Goals outlined in my worksheet. I felt more than ready to embark on this 2018 journey.
"Something has to guide your thoughts, words, and action" _ Daniel Otabor
My Five Values
  1. Productivity
  2. Happiness
  3. Spirituality
  4. Integrity
  5. Optimism
I've shared my top 5 values after much deliberation at the session, what are your Top Five Values?
"There are different perspectives to things" _ Daniel Otabor
If you recall, I would have been at the movies watching The Wedding Party 2, and no matter how badly I want to watch it I don't regret going for this training with my best friend. Here's what she has to share;

The GoalDigger _ Inemesit John Okwok

Hi readers!!! My name is Inemesit John Okwok, a now certified GoalDigger *smiles*. It was my first time driving to Yaba with my best friend and it was thanks to her presence and former knowledge of the path I didn't end up in a forest. Sometimes google map can be a pain. The 6th of January, 2018 began a splendid journey for me after an encounter at #GoalDiggers with Daniel Otabor. He broke down the concept of Goals to a point of proper comprehension of what I thought I had known. During the session, I became acquainted with the true definition of values and that the lack of the said values results into a lack of focus. In summary, we must have values guiding us as a road map to our achievement and success in life. Just as my friend's presence caused an easy arrival to my destination, similarly, your values would cause an arrival to your own set goals. By the end of the session, with his guidance, I had 20 things I'd love to achieve in the next 10 years outlined. Both short and long term goals are paramount to your life's accomplishment.


Walking a path while blindfolded is the worst thing that can happen to you this year. Think back to the best years of your life, something was 'achieved', something made you feel 'fulfilled', it was no blindfolded journey. Let your 2018 be a deliberate walk towards a set goal. What values do you uphold and how determined are you to achieve those goals this year. It's a summary of my session and like I said earlier, I refuse to reveal too much - not because I don't want to but because it would take a long time to share. P.S one of my bad habits is laziness, I'm just too lazy to share so much of the juicy stuff *wink* *wink*

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