How to Read a Novel like a Geek

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October 18, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Could there possibly be an easy way for one to read without getting bored? Probably not, especially when you find reading laborious.

If you are presented with a page-turner recommended by a friend that means well; if you are unoccupied for 24 hours; if you just so happen to have your fridge stocked with several cocktail, then maybe you might get to chapter two.

Reading a novel doesn’t have to seem like the beginning of World War II for you non-geeks. Here are a few tricks on how you can read a book without dozen off before reaching page two.

The Reading Guide

If you’re male then get rid of that myopic attitude that reading a novel is gay. If you’re female then grow a backbone babe.

Decide on the genre of the novel: What kind of movies thrill you? Action, comedy, romance, rom-com, thriller, horror or sci-fi? There are several genres of novels but romance is the most popular amongst females. Therefore, you are most likely to have a romance or rom-com novel recommended to you.

Read the excerpt: I always do this before reading any novel. My sister goes the extra mile to read the end of the novel to determine what happens at the end – this is a major turnoff for me. Stick with the excerpt or do your own research and check reviews.

Pick a date: You are probably busy with so many commitments so let’s make a date. When would be convenient for your leisure time of word engagement? Saturday is usually the most sorted leisure moment so I would vote for that. Not your date? No problem, the choice is yours to make.

Break a date: Like I said, you have a lot of other commitments pulling your legs, so let’s clear up your schedule. Get on that phone right now and tell someone somewhere that you need a weekend off for recuperation. Haha, you might be like, “aren’t you taking this whole reading thing too far Sarah?” but that’s so not true. I’m on a mission to transform you.

Get the book: What’s the point of all of these if you end up staring at the roof on that date and saying to yourself, “who sent me message o?” It’s time to get that book you’ve been recommended or you’ve found. Get that novel you’ve done your research on. You can get then online or offline, if you want them online then drop a comment and I’ll send you a link.

Pick a venue: Book? Check. Date? Check. Time? Has to be up to you but Check. Venue? Relevant. You need to do this at a place with as little distraction as possible. If you have a large family like me then home is not an option. I will opt for a park any day and any time. My mom’s room is my own sanctuary though. This tip has been proven to be valid and effective by me, myself and I. I hope I get to add you to my list of novel lovers as well. My days of reading till I drop are long gone but I can still get engrossed in the wild tales of Sophie Kinsella’s characters.

For my novel recommendations today I will pick just one author, Sophie Kinsella.

Books by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding Night

Remember Me

Can you Keep a Secret


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