Why Beaches are the Best Things Since Rain

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January 6, 2018
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January 12, 2018
Have you ever played under the rain for so long your skin starts to wrinkle while your whole body begins to shiver? You hear yourself sneeze, and your nasal mucus trickles and mingles with the rain as they make their way - in a rat race - to your lips. With a smile and joyous laughter you welcome the mucus-rain into your mouth gleefully. As you jump from one puddle to the other, blocking out the sound of your guardian telling you to "Get into the house now!" you tell your naive self that, "This is the best time of my life!"

Growing Up

Life's lessons have taught us that experience is not necessarily relative but how you handle the situation is up to you _ Sarah Ifidon
I loved playing under the rain as a child - I still do. The high point is when I look up just as the rain drops. That moment always feels like you're being elevated. Try it! But you can't be caught 'playing' under the rain in your adult suit and tie life. However, you can still be surrounded by the water you love so much while being adult about it. Disclaimer: I do not claim 'being adult about it' is a phrase. DON'T sue me! There are certain things growing up has done to us that we sometimes forget that we're still children at heart. We can't ignore the call of the child within even if we try to. So, stop staring at the children at the amusement park or playground with so many 'I remember when' thoughts running through your head. You can eat your cake and have it even if you have to be adult about it.

Why Beaches are the Best Things Since Rain

Contrary to what many may think, the Nigerian Beaches actually have most of what you need in terms of childhood fantasies and adulthood serenity. All that matters is the Beach you pick. Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
It's sort of a tough choice given the number of Beaches we have in Nigeria. But if you're in Lagos and want an easy and cool Beach to visit then I'll recommend this one right here - Tarkwa Bay. Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
Remember, if you want to have fun in the rain then you need to get wet but having fun at the beach offers you a choice. You can cower away from the water like me or you can dive right in and chase the Olympic medal with the other brave swimmers. I opt for the former. Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
Did I tell you about the freedom for shopaholic? There are so many locally made brands to purchase - hats, beads, necklaces, etc. It's an unending list of options and I was lucky I came with my white straw hat which I got affordably at the Mall. I had lots of regrets that I didn't come prepared to shop at the beach but I'll save that for next time. Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
Do you get to just take a timeout at a serene spot? The Beach is a wide place with a lot of people from different works of life but a stroll out would do you good. If you're lucky, you might find a serene environment just like me. Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
Remember, it's your time to let loose. Even if you can't play in the rain or swim in the river, you can at least sun bathe. Tan that beautiful melanin just perfectly. Or you can pretend you're tanning while you lay on the warm sand - who cares for Beach benches! It's back to the Stone Age for this girl!!! Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto
Can you spot the sun in the rain? Sometimes. I have no idea where this came from but it's a myth that an Elephant has just given birth when it rains while the sun shines. At the Beach, you get the sun just as it is, no Sun-Rain. If an Elephant gives birth during your trip then maybe you didn't disbelieve enough 😜 Photo Credit: Ckknightphoto With all said and done you can call it a day after a meal of fish, chips, suya and lots of drinks. The rain doesn't offer you snacks, does it? Then with a satisfied belly and heart, you can end your day.

Wrap It Up!

I took a trip to Tarkwa Bay Beach with my ex-colleagues in 2016. This happened before I resigned and I was glad I embarked on that journey. My ever capable friend and photographer Ckknightphoto was there to capture my emotional diary. Thank you so much Robert Awodu, Afolake, Sophie, Tayo, Lolade, and Fortunate for a wonderful outing. Thank you all for reading to the very end. Kindly remember to drop your comments. Your feedback means a lot. Bye for now!


  1. Andre says:

    Brilliantly articulated with expressive pictures πŸ‘

  2. oladoyin says:

    Nice outing and article.

  3. Nice write up, Sarah! 😊

  4. desegun says:

    Nice article….

    Adulthood is just too serious πŸ˜•. Dealing with issues with the heart of a child help a lot (not in all cases tho) πŸ˜„… Next time you’re going to Takwa bay to find a serene place Holla me… I’ll send my phone number by mailπŸ˜‰

  5. Keyodes Forte says:

    Beautifully written jare

    • Plainsarah says:

      Gbam! I like that comment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Like, “Beautifully written, end of story”. Thanks reader 😘

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